Wednesday, September 30, 2015

One Muslim

Muslims... there's all kinds of postings out there in the 'la la land' of the internet. I don't offer any comments or opinions; the postings speak for themselves.  But I share one personal experience with Muslims.

First, I will admit that I don't know anything about Islam.  Yes, I have read a book or two but I cannot feel or empathize with the emotions associated with deeply held religious views and customs.  Second, with one exception, I personally don't know any Muslims other than casual business acquaintances.  For example, while in the military over the years I met various officers from Muslim countries, and have had a couple of Muslim clients.  However, I never got to know any of them personally.  This is not because of any reserve on my part; it's just more environmental.  In my life, I have not deal with many Muslims where I've lived and worked.

Having said this, the only Muslim that I know 'well' is a Pakistani TV personality with whom I have been friends close to 20 years now; yet we have never met in person.  In any case, we grew close over the years, shared lots of laughs & dreams electronically, and she has been a good confidant and friend.  She introduced me to William Carlos Williams and so much more.  Thank you, Al Gore, for inventing the internet.

Earlier this year, she posted in her Facebook page the following: 

"Got mugged at gun point at 10:30 tonight parked near OPTP, Boat Basin. The jerk took my wedding and anniversary rings and some cash. So easy to carry guns and commit crime in public places despite an abundance of police and rangers patrolling almost everywhere.
Driving back home, holding my husband's hand I felt no remorse for losing the things, only gratitude which such incidents awaken and make us cherish life and relationships.
A part of me even felt sorry for the mugger...He also has only one life to live...what a waste to live it spreading terror and bad feelings...what a bad choice of life experiences he has opted for. May we all find peace within and around us. Amen."

I posted:

"Sorry about your mugging"
"wanted to say that only you could feel sorry for a mugger"

She responded:

"I actually felt sorry for him. I looked into his eyes and there was just anger and fear and greed. Such a waste of life. I prayed for him and all such people before I went to sleep."

I could only smile... 


As I said earlier, I don't know any Muslims other than her.  Yes, there are lots of stories in social media, etc.  But this is the one Muslim I know; and the world is a better place because of people like her.

For:  Abida
By:  Homeless with a Laptop, That is My Name