Sunday, May 9, 2010

El Español Es Espíritu, El Ingles Es Material

English is matter, just matter—
Something that floats—
Invisible or visible, a tool—
Necessity of flesh and business,

A thought of clean tongues,
white language,
Teutonic speech.

Spanish is breath
and blood,
the face becoming the thought,
calling forth the hands
in particular tones.

It is a pilgrimage
Through all Latin countries
where lisps are beloved,
s’s, disavowed,
r’s, chameleons,
and everyone knows
how to roar.

In Spanish, kiss me
is one word. Sí
has a sea of meanings,
and you can feel heat
beating from the
o in sol.

And no one loves
Cars and houses—
only people,
their land and their God.

Composed by Federico Anaya Sánchez. Copied, posted and loved by Homeless with a Laptop, That is my Name

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  1. And I am a Latin descendant...*smiles and copies the poem into her chest of gems*
    Thank you.