Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bridges of Dreams

And will this also pass?
Perhaps, but know what will stay?
What we decide to take
from gifts given to us.

We lived each own the way,
We move in different pace.
And nothing could be read
before we linked in space.

Some could speculate:
It all belongs to the sky,
But how to comprehend
and answer question, Why?

And will this also pass?
Perhaps, you know life is long,
But why this even struck us?
The question comes along.
By Gulnara Karimova

I can see you standing in the woods by moonlight. The warm glow of a small campfire suffuses your face, gilding your gentle smile and sparkling in your eyes. The clean scent of your hair fills my nostrils as I nuzzle your neck and wrap my arms around your waist. There I look up and see the moonlight transform your hair into a silver aureole as our bodies move in an ancient rhythm. The rustle of leaves is lost in the roar of the wind through the treetops above us.

Where are our dreams?
What are they?
Oh, and if dreams are slipping away in dreams?
What are finding themselves having to star?
The sun rises, and the shadow fades away.
the light is on the way, smoothly hides dreams ...
And once again everything touches the soul,
live your dreams and will fly up to dream ...
By Gulnara Karimova

I can see you on the deck of a ship passing mine. Our eyes lock, we reach out as if to bridge the gap with our arms. Sadly we wave good bye. My heart aches as your ship drifts off into the dusk. Just as you fade away you smile at me. I can see the wistful sadness clearly on your lips, as if I have seen it many times before. Why does that image spring so readily to mind? Am I doomed to live among the things that can never be?

Came Up With ... a dream wrapped ...
Believe ... a sigh.
I don't know how long is this twinkle ... one more ...
By Gulnara Karimova

I sit by a pond and gaze across the water at reflections of memories of things that never were. I hear echoes of footsteps along a path not taken, and wonder where I might have gone. I dream of you appearing in the dark and walking into my arms. I remember … and I dream that it would never end.

We are one, eternity was ...
in broad parts scattered and thee revealed ...
By Gulnara Karimova

Sometime back I read that the composite color of the universe is – beige or tan. The scientific explanation is that over the past 10 billion years the universe is becoming redder as red stars have become more prevalent—an understandable observation since red stars are older than blue stars.

To me, a beige universe somehow explains many things… Avatar, Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai, The Blue Man Group for President 2016… an inchoate desire to return to a more bluish universe

Fairies beckon the Moon,
Eternal for ever in heaven.
will life be replaced again and again,
But the Earth will rule love ...
By Gulnara Karimova

Rise above me like a majestic bird.
Spread your golden wings and fly,
soaring high into the mist.
Abandon yourself
 and all that has become you.

Take me with you
to that place most perfect.
That place between this life and the next
where for one single instant
knowing love is the only option.
by G. Gregory

by Homeless with a Laptop, That is my Name
      Бездомные с ноутбуком, это мое имя

Blue Moon Rose

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