Monday, August 17, 2015

Scrimmage with Ronaldo

During World Cup 2014, there I was... ready to play a scrimmage. The coach said, "you're scrimmaging with Ronaldo"

"WOW... I'm going to scrimmage with Ronaldo!"  I said... "CR7 himself..."

I wondered how I got there and how I was going to play against Ronaldo. But that the heck. When opportunities arise, you don't sit there in wonder but rise to meet them.  I tied my cleats...

I looked around and there were a lot of guys just warming up.  We were all wearing white jerseys; no Real Madrid or Portuguese Red;  but just white warm-up jerseys.

Then Ronaldo appeared.  He had that sneer on his face with that Ronaldo look 'I'm better than all of you; I know it and you know it'  

Well, I know he's better than me, but I'm going to give the little bastard all I got; I'll make him earn his arrogance today. 

We started the scrimmage...  all of the sudden the play is near goal (against Ronaldo) & I'm just lurking ...I know how to play center forward ... then I get a pass directly at me...

The goal is in front of me...

The goalkeeper looks at me [with fear???] and starts to come off his line...

"I can beat him"  methinks.

I get ready to lob a cannonball at him right out of his reach..

I kick the ball as hard as I can... 

The dog flies out of the bed and I wake up...

Dog looks at me like... "WTF was that..."

"I've been watching too many soccer matches on TV, Bob" Says I

(I name all my dogs "Bob") 

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