Friday, January 17, 2014

All Fallen Things

So I declare myself
            queen of the surf,
            queen of the rain,
of all fallen things;
            teeth and leaves.
Glory to the unknown,
to Ecclesiastes,
for in wisdom
is much grief.
Glory to tiki lamps, bikinis,
the intensity of being,
rails on which bladers
have nutted themselves,
Lahaina, all islands,
the power
with which they were formed—
violent earth,
angry soil—
the womb that will swallow
queens, rooks,
            my wooden chess set,
post it notes, refrigerators,
            alligators, coupons,
excuses and dogs.
This is my revelation;
This is my
contribution to dust.

By:  Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña
Typed into Word, copied, pasted and loved by:
Homeless with a Laptop, that is my Name
Бездомные с ноутбуком, это мое имя

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