Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chopin’s Etudes at Midnight

In the beginning understanding
Enters through the ear and eye.
Then when your soul is touched
For the first time like fire and ice
Together at the same time
You know the fullness and eternity of Spring.
In that instant, you know the old life is dull
And offers no kindling for your heat.
There is no turning back now.
An insurgency of music tumbles free
Inviting you to wonder
And to see more than you can ever know
From asking all those puzzling
Whys and hows: when the earth began
And what the future holds,
What will become of man,
His works and praises to an unseen god.
Choreographies of chords remain,
Make us aware that life is but a tattered garden
Of withered seed without your tender rain. 

By:  Barbara Millar
Copied, pasted and loved by:  
Homeless with a Laptop, that is may Name 
Бездомные с ноутбуком, это мое имя

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